Local & Portuguese Cuisine to Dazzle the Taste-buds

menu Calamari Tentacles
Calamari Tentacles


4 Calamari Tubes Stuffed with feta & Peri Peri R58.00

Calamari Pan-fried strips R58.00

4 Oysters Served on ice R82.00

Trinchado Cubed rump in a tantalizing Trinchado sauce R65.00

Portuguese Sardines Flame-grilled R62.00

6 Snails In a creamy cheese & garlic sauce R64.00

Tentacles Deep fried R54.00

Chourico Portuguese grilled smoked sausage in garlic butter R54.00

Chicken Livers Peri Peri sauce R55.00

Chic-Chado Grilled Chicken cubes in Trinchado sauce R56.00

Fillet Trinchado Char grill fillet cubes in Trinchado sauce R84.00

menu Crispy Fresh Salads
Crispy Fresh Salads

Greek Crispy greens with feta and olives R78.00

Smoked Salmon Crispy greens with slivers of salmon R78.00

Extras: Avocado / Feta / Olives

menu Juicy Rump Steak
Juicy Rump Steak


Fillet Steak 200g R142.00

Rump Steak 300g R135.00

Lamb Chops 400g Char-grilled R142.00

Fillet Trinchado 300g Char-grilled fillet cubes in Trinchado Sauce R168.00

Trinchado 300g Char-grilled rump cubes in our secret sauce R135.00

Rump Espetada 300g Rump cubes on a skewer with Trinchado Sauce R135.00

Fillet Espetada 300g Fillet cubes on a skewer with Trinchado Sauce R168.00

Madeira Rump Steak 300g Rump steak served with 1 fried egg R142.00

Ribs – Succulent – with our famous basting sauce 400g R110.00 | 600g R132.00

Eisbein (Crispy) Sauerkraut and chips / mash R145.00

Rump 200g , 1 egg and Chourico R120.00

Served with chips, rice or baked potato

All our steaks are served with Trinchado sauce

Menu Portuguese Sardines
Portuguese Sardines


Calamari Strips Lightly battered and pan-fried strips R105.00

Tentacles Deep fried R105.00

Calamari Steak Pan fried / Grilled R105.00

Kingklip Flame grilled R142.00

Hake Flame grilled R105.00

Portuguese Sardines Flame grilled R105.00

Creamy Garlic Mussels Half-shelled black mussels in creamy cheese & garlic sauce R105.00

Line Fish Flame grilled R142.00

Fish Espetada Our special combo of grilled Kingklip & Line fish seasoned with herbs and spices (served on a skewer) R142.00

(Crispy) 12 butterfly prawns / lemon butter or peri-peri sauce P.V.S.Q

Seafood Platter Mixed Fish, Calamari, Mussels & 4 / 8 Prawns Single R170.00 | Double R340.00

Served with chips, rice or baked potato

Menu Peri Peri Chicken
Peri Peri Chicken


Chicken Peri-Peri Half chicken char – grilled in Peri Peri Sauce R98.00

Chicken Breasts Chicken breast fillets in Trinchado Sauce R105.00

Chicken Espetada Grilled chicken cubes (served on a skewer) R105.00

Chic-Chado Char grilled chicken cubes in our secret sauce R105.00

Chicken Schnitzel With cheese sauce R115.00

Served with chips, rice or baked potato

Menu Tentacles & Chicken
Tentacles & Chicken


Surf & Turf Calamari strips with Trinchado (Rump cubes) R125.00

Tentacles & Turf Calamari tentacles with Trinchado (Rump cubes) R125.00

Chicken & Turf Chicken-chado with Calamari Strips R125.00

Chicken & Surf Chicken-chado with Calamari Strips R120.00

Tentacles & Chicken Chicken-chado with Calamari Tentacles R120.00

Calamari & 6 Prawns Calamari Strips & Peri Peri or Lemon Butter Prawns R142.00

Tentacles & Surf Calamari Strips & Tentacles R110.00

200g Rump Steak + 4 Prawns Served with Pepper Sauce R145.00

Served with chips, rice or baked potato

Menu Crispy Chips
Crispy Chips


Small Chips R22.00

Large Chips R38.00

Savoury Rice R18.00

Hot Veg R18.00

Pepper or Cheese Sauce R22.00

Onion Rings R22.00

Baked Potato R18.00

Menu Succulent Ribs
Succulent Ribs


Rib & Chicken Strips

Calamari & Chicken

Calamari & Rib


Menu Tipsy Tart
Tipsy Tart


Tipsy Tart Served with ice cream R43.00

Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce R28.00

Chocolate Mousse Served with ice cream R43.00

Peppermint Crisp Served with ice cream R43.00

Dom Pedro – Kahlua / Whiskey R40.00

Irish Coffee R40.00

Kahlua Coffee R40.00

Filter Coffee / Tea R22.00

Caffe Latte R28.00

Cappuccino Foam R24.00 | Cream R28.00

Espresso R26.00

Hot Chocolate R28.00

Iced Coffee R34.00

Milkshakes Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Lime, or Bubblegum R28.00

 menu Prego Pub
Prego Pub

ALL PUB LUNCHES ARE PRICED AT R69.00 (12h00-18h00)

Chic-Chado Chicken cubes in Trinchado Sauce

Tentacles & Surf Calamari strips & Deep Fried Tentacles

Calamari Pan-fried strips

Trinchado Cubed Rump in Trinchado Sauce

Chourico Portuguese grilled smoked sausage in garlic butter

Rump Steak In Trinchado Sauce

Chicken Breasts In Trinchado Sauce

Portuguese Sardines Flame Grilled

Surf & Turf Calamari Strips & Trinchado

Chic & Turf Chicken-Chado & Trinchado

Chic & Surf Chicken-Chado & Calamari Rings

Tentacles & Turf Calamari Tentacles & Trinchado

Tentacles & Chic Chicken-Chado & Calamari Tentacles

Tentacles & Surf Calamari & Tentacles

Rump Prego Roll

Chicken Prego Roll

Served with chips, rice, hot veg or baked potato


3pm – 7pm
T’s & C’s Apply

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Trading Hours: 12pm – 10pm. (We are closed on Sundays) SERVICE CHARGE: Tables of 8 or more a 10% service charge will be added. NO SPLIT BILLS & No cheques accepted. A Corkage charge is applicable. RESERVATIONS: Call 021 712 6161 or use our Bookings Page. TAKEAWAYS: Call 021 712 6161 for your collection.